L10 Brands:

We are a team of people who want to make your life cooler. Sometimes dreamers, sometimes visionaries, often pragmatists… we produce, select and distribute design accessories with an innovative soul. Our recipe? A mix of a few decisive ingredients: creativity, enthusiasm and a pinch of salt. Every day, we use our strong passion for technological innovation and design to simplify your everyday life with style.
Our mission is to simplify everyday life in style through continuous training and a constant presence on the market, which allows us to always have a realistic overview and anticipate new developments.
We entrust our goals to the consistency of our values. A few, simple ones, but which must guide the company in all the years to come:

  • Surprise: Surprising is the best way to be remembered
  • Enrapture: To enrapture our customers both during the product experience, purchase and post-sale
  • Learn: Every day is a new day to learn something new
  • Getting enthusiastic: Having a team that is enthusiastic about what they do and can convey positive emotions

Our sales network is one of L10’s greatest strengths. Besides bringing continuous innovation to compete in the market, they know precisely what each customer needs. Great motivation to excel and a strong drive to achieve goals characterise our magic potion for success.

Company contacts:

Daniele Zizioli
e-mail: info@L10brand.com

L10 Brands