Editrice Prometeica: books for kids and curious parents. Our name is inspired by Prometeo, best known for defying the gods by stealing fire from them and giving it to humanity in the form of technology, knowledge, and more generally, civilization. Also, our logo includes three ideas: fire, semicolon, that recalls literature, and Bodoni, the most fascinating of all typographic fonts. Born in 2021, the publisher, for the 700 anniversary of Dante Alighieri, has released Dante per bambini (e per genitori curiosi) and the english version, Dante for Kids and Curious Parents. Prometeicas books are filled with famous characters and places from Italian and classic literature. Currently, all Dantes volumes – three cantiche and the activity-book version Dante da colorare – are among the best selling children books. In 2022 we published Virgilio per bambini (e per genitori curiosi) and its english version, Virgil for Kids. In 2023, for the 150th Anniversary of Alessandro Manzoni, we are presenting Manzoni per bambini (e per genitori curiosi). These series of books create an ideal journey through Italian-literature-stars of all time: an adventure of shared reading, interactions and curiosity for adults as well. Placing classics in modernity, we aim to give kids an opportunity to feed their own culture and to be free from impositions. Prometeica is exactly like that: independent and free, putting readersinterest and empathy first, and supporting with pride independent libraries – with exclusive editions. Prometeica somehow comes from the past, but we’re born today. And we look forward to a future where kids are happy reader.

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Federico Corradini
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