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When a baby is born, it is not ready to be ‘separated’ from its mother but needs maternal warmth and closeness because the transition from the warm and cosy environment of the female womb to the new world can be traumatic.

Besides, nature teaches, think of animals: by instinct they never leave their pups.

That is why today, the practice of Room In has become widespread in all hospitals, i.e. the possibility of keeping new-born babies in the room without entrusting them to the nursery, to allow the baby to gradually get used to his new life and to be reassured by his closeness to his mother.

But it is always necessary to approach the newborn baby safely.


Roomie™ go is the co-sleeping cot that allows babies to sleep safely next to their mother.
It accommodates babies weighing up to 9 kg and can be easily folded and transported anywhere. It is compact and comes with a practical carry bag.


Roomie go has side rails that can be adjusted with one hand to get closer to the baby and pick him up more easily
It is height-adjustable on 5 levels, and can be placed at an angle to prevent colic
It has adjustable feet that allow it to be adapted and fixed to any type of bed
It has a high-quality removable mattress with a removable and washable cover

Roomie go is available in three colours:
Clay- Shale -Laurel and is sold with mattress pad and carry bag.

Product details
Weight 9.5 kg
Usage: from birth to 9 kg
Dimensions: W 90.5 x D 69 x H 74-81 cm


Joie is a young brand born in England in 2011 and arrived in Italy in 2020, offering versatile baby products adapted to the needs of modern families. Joie’s mission is to share the happiness of the arrival of a baby with parents all over the world, trying to support them in the best possible way with a range of high quality products and effective solutions to cope with everyday life. The child’s comfort and safety are focal points for Joie: its car seats have been awarded several times by Adac and Tcs tests for achieving high safety standards. Joie is committed to the protection of the environment, favouring the recycling of materials as much as possible, and to others with humanitarian aid.

The Wonderland Group has been developing and manufacturing nursery products since 1983 and has become a leading international player, in particular establishing itself as the largest manufacturer of car seats in the world for its own and other leading brands in its market. As an industry leader, Wonderland is characterised by technological innovation and excellent R&D. It has also received many awards and accolades over time. It is a manufacturer for some of the best-known childcare brands and owns the Joie and Nuna brands, which are very popular in Europe and the United States, as well as being the distributor of the Graco brand.


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